Revisit 2018’s Top New Retailers That Accept Bitcoin

Revisit 2018’s Top New Retailers That Accept Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Grotto is an online retailer in the UK which makes it easy to pay with Bitcoin for 100’s of products
  • Rather than being alone in allowing customers to pay with Bitcoin, several other big brands and Bitcoin merchants, have started entering the Bitcoin payment space
  • Recently, Unilever’s Schmidt's Naturals began allowing customers to pay with Bitcoin, and there are now even cryptocurrency candy dispensers!


Would you ever think of using a Bitcoin candy dispenser?


Candy dispensers are an iconic part of childhood (and guilty pleasure adulthood). There is just one problem. Namely, that basic candy dispenser designs have changed very little since the 1950’s. - Or at least that was the case until recently.


Introducing the Candy Dispenser Which Lets You Pay with Bitcoin


Created by Bitcoin user and inventor David Knezić, the “Sweetbit” candy dispenser is controlled via USB and releases candy after payments are sent to its dedicated Bitcoin wallet address.


Of course, it will probably be a while before the Sweetbit becomes as commonplace as regular candy dispensers. At present though, the Sweetbit is just one of many brands and business which are starting to more fully embrace cryptocurrency.


Pay with Bitcoin for Your Russia World Cup Flights & Hotel Reservations


When the Fifa World Cup was last hosted in Brazil in 2014, Bitcoin was still something of an obscurity. Thankfully, as of 2018, things couldn’t be more different. This is thanks to the fact that there are now so many retailers that accept Bitcoin, that 2018 World Cup attendees can book everything from their flights to Russian hotel reservations using the digital currency.


Czech Utility Companies will Soon Allow Customers to Pay with Bitcoin


Ever dreamed of paying your monthly utility bills with Bitcoin? If so, you might want to consider a move to the Czech Republic. This is due to the fact that later in 2018, leading Czech natural gas supplier Prazska Plynarenska, has announced plans to allow customers to pay with Bitcoin and other forms of digital currency.


Unilever (Kind Of) Starts Accepting Bitcoin Payments


In one of the most surprising additions to 2018’s list of new retailers that accept Bitcoin, Unilever owned deodorant brand Schmidt’s Naturals, recently started allowing customers to pay with Bitcoin.


Having already seen Bitcoin payments start accounting for 5%-10% of overall online sales, Schmidt’s Naturals has subsequently helped set a new precedent for just how advantageous it can be for retailers to start accepting cryptocurrency payments.


Why Bitcoin Grotto is Still the Best UK Retailer for People Who Want to pay with Bitcoin


Needless to say, of all the retailers and service providers mentioned above, none offer the variety of products that Bitcoin Grotto does. This being the case, if you are on the lookout for a more fully stocked online marketplace where you can pay with Bitcoin, make sure to check us out today!


Check out our latest visual to show where you can spend your Crypto online.

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