5 Reasons Your Business Should Accept Litecoin Wallet Payments

5 Reasons Your Business Should Accept Litecoin Wallet Payments

5 Reasons Your Business Should Accept Litecoin Wallet Payments


  • Bitcoin Grotto is one of the first major new retailers in the UK, to allow customers to pay with Bitcoin and their Litecoin wallet balance
  • Drives like #PayWithLitecoin by the Litecoin Foundation, are attempting to get more retailers to accept cryptocurrency payments
  • Accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin wallet payments provides retailers with several significant benefits which they would be wise to consider


Does Your Business Allow People to Pay with Bitcoin?


Bitcoin Grotto is the leading Amazon-like online department store in the UK. - And, yes. As the name suggests, online shoppers at Bitcoin Grotto can pay with Bitcoin, their Litecoin wallet balance, and several other forms of cryptocurrency. The only question is, should your business start accepting cryptocurrency also?


Why Joining the #PayWithLitecoin Campaign Makes Sense for Businesses


In an attempt to encourage wider mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency, the Charlie Lee headed Litecoin Foundation has started a new #PayWithLitecoin campaign.


Free Merchant Advice & Reduced Transaction Costs


As part of the #PayWithLitecoin campaign, businesses are being offered Litecoin Foundation support, to help them start accepting Litecoin both online and in real-world retail environments.


Benefits of accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin wallet balance payments include:


  • Significantly reduced transaction costs. - Specifically, with regard to LTC wallet payments
  • Reduced instances of chargeback fraud - Once a customer pays with Bitcoin or their LTC wallet balance, transactions can never be reversed
  • Immediate access to funds - Unlike with credit and debit cards, Bitcoin and LTC wallet payments clear in seconds


Get Free PR for Your Business


If the #PayWithLitecoin campaign has proved one thing already, it’s that businesses who start accepting cryptocurrency benefit from a significant PR boost.


Bitcoin and Litecoin news regarding new retailers accepting cryptocurrency gets a lot of people excited. Because of this, businesses can benefit from free marketing and advertising as cryptocurrency enthusiasts start going wild on social media.


Tap a New & Very Lucrative Target Market


When businesses allow people to pay with Bitcoin or their Litecoin wallet balance, they immediately tap a completely new consumer market.


Often young, tech-savvy, and passionate about the brands they support, cryptocurrency users are becoming one of the most lucrative consumer demographics for businesses to lure into their online stores and real-world retail spaces.


Cryptocurrency is the Internet of the 1990’s All Over Again


Cryptocurrency has experienced explosive growth over the past nine years. In fact, less than 10-years ago, it still would have cost 10,000 BTC to buy a pizza. This being the case, don’t be alarmed by news of dips and Bitcoin price crashes.


Coins like Bitcoin and Litecoin aren’t going to disappear any time soon. Instead, being the last businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments, will eventually be comparable to being the last business in the world to set up a website.


Set Yourself Apart from Your Competitors


The biggest reason why businesses should start accepting cryptocurrency payments is simple.


Consumer adoption of coins like Bitcoin and Litecoin is increasing. Businesses can, therefore, set themselves apart from their competitors, by making themselves known as the best place (both locally and online) to spend whatever coins consumers are invested in.        




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