Buy Games with Bitcoin - Feed Your 2018 Gaming Addiction!

Buy Games with Bitcoin - Feed Your 2018 Gaming Addiction!

At online UK retailers like Bitcoin it is now easier than ever to shop with Bitcoin for top gaming titles like Fallout 4


  • Buy games with Bitcoin, as well as leading games consoles and peripheral devices
  • Play games and benefit from the same level of consumer protection as when paying with physical cash


Looking to buy games with Bitcoin?


In April 2018, games enthusiasts rejoiced, as online games giant Steam, announced that it was to start accepting Bitcoin. Sadly, a year later in December, Steam announced that it would no longer be allowing users to pay with Bitcoin.


The good news?


For UK games lovers at least, it is now easier than ever to pay with Bitcoin for both top games and gaming consoles!


Pay with Bitcoin for 2018’s Most Must-Have gaming Titles


Love BattleFront? Die-hard Resident Evil fan?


At Bitcoin Grotto, UK games lovers can get their hands on top games titles and gaming consoles. - Unlike with other retailers, though, Bitcoin Grotto allows gamers to pay with Bitcoin after they proceed to checkout.


Fast, simple, and 100% secure, Bitcoin Grotto lets gamers get their hands on everything from games titles to new Dell mixed reality headsets. - And much more.


Why Pay With Bitcoin for Top Gaming Titles?


As a result of the Bitcoin boom of 2017 and early 2018, many Bitcoin investors and traders are Bitcoin rich but cash poor. As a result, to spend Bitcoin on everyday goods, many Bitcoin users are forced to load high-fee prepaid Visa and MasterCards with Bitcoin.


Thankfully, retailers like Bitcoin Grotto, allow UK consumers to pay with Bitcoin directly, hence cutting out the middleman.


  • After selecting games titles, consoles, and/or gaming peripherals, Bitcoin Grotto shoppers simply send Bitcoin directly from their wallet to ours
  • Goods are dispatched the same day to any UK shipping address
  • As well as top games, Bitcoin Grotto stocks the UK’s most extensive variety of books, must-have gadgets, and popular consumer electronics, all of which can be bought with digital currency


What if I Don’t Have Bitcoin but do Have Altcoins Like LTC or ETH?


Are you passionate about digital currency but not invested directly with Bitcoin? If so, this isn’t a problem.


Using instant cryptocurrency exchanges like Changelly and Shapeshift, Bitcoin Grotto shoppers can exchange whatever altcoins they might have for Bitcoin, before using this to complete purchases.


XBox Games & Console Bundles


Shopping for a last minute birthday or Christmas gift?


To bring UK games lovers the best gaming deals possible, Bitcoin Grotto currently stock cut-price XBox games consoles and gaming bundles. This being the case, if you love gaming or know someone who does, make sure to give the Bitcoin Grotto a visit today! - (It’s a bit like Santa’s Grotto. - just with Bitcoin.)

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