Buy Trezor Hardware Wallet Online - With FREE Shipping

Buy Trezor Hardware Wallet Online - With FREE Shipping

Pay with Bitcoin for the best Bitcoin wallet devices available in the UK at


  • Buy Trezor with Bitcoin and benefit from free UK delivery on all orders
  • When buying any hardware wallet online, be on guard for easy to fall for scams, especially on marketplaces like eBay


Did you know that you can buy the best Bitcoin wallet devices online, and pay with Bitcoin?


Hardware wallets like those offered by Trezor and Nano, are widely considered to be the safest way to store cryptocurrency. This is thanks to the fact that offline, cold storage of coins, keeps coins like Bitcoin safe from hackers and PC malware.


Sadly, few retailers allow cryptocurrency users to pay with Bitcoin when buying Trezor and other hardware wallets. The good news, though, is that at Bitcoin Grotto, we do!


Why a Trezor Device is the Best Bitcoin Wallet for Everyday Users


The name ‘TREZOR,’ is Czech for ‘safe’ and the Trezor hardware wallet does everything it can (and more) to live up to that namesake.


Heat Resistant, Shock-Proof & Water Resistant


Unlike hardware wallets offered by the likes of Nano and Keepkey, a Trezor device is easily the best bitcoin wallet in terms of ruggedness.


  • A keychain-sized Trezor wallet is fully impact resistant
  • Trezor wallet hardware is fully waterproof
  • Trezor hardware wallets are designed to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -20 Celsius to + 60 Celsius


Enhanced Digital Security


At present, Trezor hardware wallets can be used to store Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, and Zcash. Much more importantly, though, Trezor hardware wallets store coin private keys in a securely fire-walled in-built storage area. Because of this, a Trezor hardware wallet can be connected to a virus and malware infected PC, and still allow users to transact coins securely.


Easy Backup & Wallet Restoration


Like with other hardware wallets and app-based cryptocurrency wallets, Trezor devices allow users to fully backup their wallet using a 12-24 word passphrase. Once generated, users can use this seed phrase to regain access to coins, even if an original Trezor wallet is accidentally lost or destroyed.


Sadly, while Trezor’s recovery passphrase is an essential part of the hardware wallets security, it can also be exploited.


Why to Never Buy a Hardware Wallet from eBay


At the start of 2018, some Trezor and other hardware wallet users started reporting the theft of funds from their devices. A subsequent investigation found that in every case, users had bought Trezor and Nano devices on eBay. - Specifically, devices which came with an included, pre-generated recovery passphrase.


Needless to say, with even the best Bitcoin wallet (hardware or app-based), users should always generate their own recovery passphrases. - Not ever use a passphrase generated by a third party.


Buy the Best Bitcoin Wallet Devices & Pay With Bitcoin Today


Are you invested in your cryptocurrency security? If so, make sure to keep your funds as safe as possible by using a dedicated hardware wallet to store your digital assets. Even better, order now  from Bitcoin Grotto and benefit from free UK shipping on all orders!


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