Can William Shatner Save the World From Bitcoin Mining?

Can William Shatner Save the World From Bitcoin Mining?
  • William Shatner, famous for his role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek, has recently become the public spokesperson for a new Illinois solar powered Bitcoin mining farm
  • Shatner has admitted that he knows little about cryptocurrency, but is happy to support cleaner, greener, Bitcoin mining
  • With William Shatner’s support, the Canadian owned company Solar Alliance, will hopefully soon dispel some of the most persistent Bitcoin myths concerning Bitcoin power consumption


Can Captain Kirk Save the World from the Bitcoin Apocalypse?  


Bitcoin mining has become a hot topic in recent years. Not a week goes by, after all, without a new report that Bitcoin mining will soon require more electricity than whole countries like Argentina.


Thankfully, all this might be about to change.


How William Shatner Boldly Entered the Bitcoin Mining Debate


To be clear, William Shatner doesn’t really have anything to do with the Bitcoin mining industry. What is more, neither do Canadian green energy specialists Solar Alliance. However, on June 14th, news of the duos unlikely collaboration started piquing the interest of several cryptocurrency news outlets.


As first reported by the Chicago Tribune, Canadian based Solar Alliance has announced plans to build a 100% solar powered Bitcoin mining farm in Illinois. Alliance, though, won’t operate the end facility and Shatner himself is only the companies spokesperson.


Dispelling the Bitcoin Myth of Unsustainable Mining


William Shatner's involvement with Solar Alliance aside, news of a solar-powered Bitcoin mining farm being under construction in Illinois, is fantastic news for the cryptocurrency community.


In March 2016, Motherboard Magazine put Bitcoin mining on the radar of green energy watchdogs. Namely, by highlighting how by 2020, Bitcoin mining would require more electricity than the entire country of Denmark. What neither Motherboard or similar reports have since detailed though, is how Bitcoin might actually spur a green energy revolution in coming years.


  • At present, 81% of Bitcoin mining takes place in China where electricity is cheap
  • Conversely, in the West, Bitcoin mining already takes place in countries like Iceland where commercial mining farms can take advantage of cheap, 100% renewable electricity
  • Solar Alliance building a for purpose commercial mining farm in Illinois, proves that Bitcoin mining will likely become cleaner and greener by taking advantage of such resources


Will Bitcoin Mining Give Rise to a Green Energy Revolution?


Thanks to companies like Solar Alliance, it is doubtful that Bitcoin mining will ever lead to severe stress on Western power grids. Nor for that matter, the environment itself.


From a purely business perspective, it will always be in the interest of Bitcoin mining farms to keep costs as low as possible. As more ming farms become established outside of China, it is, therefore, likely that many such farms will look utilize free renewable energy sources. The only question is, how long will it be before similar solar and hydroelectric powered farms become a global phenomenon? 

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