Help Find The Whale

Help Find The Whale

In true crypto style, we knew our shop would not be complete without some reference to good old Moby and his friends.


For that reason we've smuggled in and hidden a whale somewhere in the store. If you find the whale, we'll reward you with a generous bounty.
So shoppers, sharpen your harpoons, rig your sails and let's go find us some whale.... 
If you are so lucky as to find the whale, let us know by contacting and providing details of your catch.  Alternatively you can tweet us at @BitcoinGrotto


Not only will we reward our lucky winner with a surprise bounty, we will make a donation to SaveTheWhales.Org in your name.


(Please note:)
  • There is only one whale
  • The whale comes in many forms
  • There will only be one winner.

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  • Savethewhales

    We should stop hunting whales altogether

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