The Archos SAFE-T Mini - Should Hardware Wallet users be Excited?

The Archos SAFE-T Mini - Should Hardware Wallet users be Excited?

Would You Ever Trust a Cheap Bitcoin or Litecoin Wallet?


  • French consumer electronics manufacturer Archos is about to launch 2018’s cheapest cryptocurrency hardware wallet
  • The SAFE-T Mini is an offline Bitcoin wallet which like Trezor, also offers support for Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and ETH ERC20 tokens
  • In Europe, the SAFE-T Mini will start shipping in July at just €49,99


Little known electronics manufacturer Archos is about to cause a stir on the hardware wallet market. This is thanks to the fact that this July, Archos will start shipping its own hardware wallet. More specifically, one which will retail at less than half the price of similar Ledger and Trezor devices.


The Archos SAFE-T Mini Might be About to Surprise Everyone


Over the past year, several hardware wallet devices have attempted to take on Nano and Ledger. In many cases, though, online Bitcoin wallet reviews of products have been less than favorable.


KeepKey, CoolWallet, and BWallet devices have been criticized for poor on-going device support and customer service. However, the Archos SAFE-T Mini might be about to make the Ledger and Trezor wallet market a lot more competitive. This is because the SAFE-T Mini will be the first hardware wallet brought to market by an established PC and consumer electronics manufacturer.


  • Archos has been an industry leader on the EU consumer technology and (more recently) tablet and smartphone market since 1988
  • Archos can’t risk releasing a poor performing hardware wallet, due to the adverse effect doing so will have on the Archos brand itself
  • To develop the SAFE-T Mini, Archos has collaborated with blockchain technology startup Domraider. (Which raised $45 million via ICO funding in 2017)


Most importantly of all, the Archos SAFE-T Mini has been designed and manufactured in-house by Archos. (Not produced in places like China like other budget hardware wallets.)


How Does the SAFE-T Mini Hold Up Against Ledger and Trezor Wallet Devices?


One key feature of the SAFE-T Mini is that the Archos wallet uses the same 120 MHz Cortex-M3 ARM processor, as the industry-leading Trezor wallet. This being the case, SAFE-T and Trezor wallet internal hardware is near identical.


Other SAFE-T Wallet Features


  • Like on Trezor and Nano devices, the SAFE-T Mini generates all cryptocurrency private keys and processes all transactions internally
  • Like offline Bitcoin wallet devices like those by Ledger, the SAFE-T Mini can be used on even malware & virus infected PC's
  • The SAFE-T Mini uses similar device pin protection to Trezor wallet devices and can be quickly restored using a user-generated recovery passphrase
  • SAFE-T Mini devices can be used in conjunction with third-party wallet apps like Mycelium


Should You Consider Taking the SAFE-T Mini for a Test Drive?


Thanks to the involvement of Archos and the inclusion of identical Trezor wallet components, the SAFE-T Mini is definitely worth consideration by cryptocurrency users. All that remains to be seen, is how well users receive the SAFE-T Mini in terms of the device's software and ease of operability.

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