A look at the Keepkey Hardware Wallet - Is It Worth It?

A look at the Keepkey Hardware Wallet - Is It Worth It?
  • New hardware wallet Keepkey is striving to become the best Bitcoin wallet for both novice and experienced cryptocurrency users


  • New Keepkey hardware wallet devices are currently priced at $129
  • Keepkey promises to make it easier and safer than ever before to pay with Bitcoin both online and offline



So you’re sitting at home feeling cash poor but a little Bitcoin rich, dreaming about the new HP Mixed Reality Headset. Thankfully for you, a quick Google search then leads you to the Bitcoin Grotto and Wallah! - You can now pay with Bitcoin when buying the latest must-have tech on the market!



There is just one question.


When you do pay with Bitcoin online, are you doing so as 100% safely and securely as you should be?


KeepKey - Possibly the Best Bitcoin Wallet of 2018 so Far


If you are passionate about Bitcoin and all things cryptocurrency, it goes without saying that you are also passionate about digital currency security. - As such, you likely already know that a hardware wallet like a Trezor or Nano is the best way to keep coins safe.


Sadly, one shortcoming of even the best Bitcoin wallet devices on the hardware front lies with many simply not being user-friendly.


Wallets like Nano Ledger, are considered painful to use by many. Specifically, due to slow server response times and physical device connectivity issues. The good news, though, is that new wallet Keepkey, might be about to change all this.


Why is the Keepkey Wallet Different?


Sleek and stylish in appearance, the new Keepkey Bitcoin hardware wallet can be used to store Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin, Ethereum, and Dash. Much more importantly, the Keepkey hardware wallet offers native support for all leading PC operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Security so Easy Even Your Grandmother Can Use It


Professing to be the best Bitcoin wallet in terms of security, the Keepkey (like Nano and Trezor devices) stores cryptocurrency private keys locally. Where Keepkey sets itself apart from it's competition though, is with the fact that users can pay with Bitcoin (or other coins) via an easy to use Google Chrome web browser extension.


Thanks to being able to integrate directly with Google Chrome, Keepkey users can transact with cryptocurrency they own easier and faster than ever. - All the while still being able to rest assured that rock-solid wallet encryption protects remaining wallet balances.


Key Keepkey Features:


  • Works on all devices. - A Keepkey hardware wallet has a USB HID-class device classification (like a mouse or keyboard) meaning that no drivers need to be set up to operate it
  • Easy to backup. - Wallet balances can be esily recovered in an emergency by generating a 12-word recovery passphrase when setting up a Keepkey wallet for the first time
  • 100% virus and malware proof. - The Keepkey is (arguably) the best Bitcoin wallet in terms of security, thanks to the fact that it does not use a native operating system which can be compromised by malware
  • Simple to use on any device. - By using Google Chrome extensions to facilitate transactions, Keepkey users can pay with Bitcoin faster and easier than ever before


Should You Invest in a Hardware Wallet like a Keepkey?


As a basic rule, every IOS or Android-based cryptocurrency wallet app can be compromised. In like regard, modern PC operating systems like Windows 10, are known to collect terabytes of sensitive user data, as well as be susceptible to viruses and malware.


Given the above, if you do own Bitcoin (or any other form of digital currency), it will definitely be worth thinking about investing in a hardware wallet at some point.



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